Secrets management, also known as secrets handling, is a crucial component of Data protection and cybersecurity. It involves the secure storage, access control, rotation, and distribution of secret information, such as cryptographic keys, API tokens, passwords, and other confidential data that applications and systems use to authenticate and secure communications. Proper secrets management is essential for safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

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key aspects and best practices for secrets management:

DevSecOps can rapidly integrate key management, encryption operations, and secrets management into multi- cloud applications to secure, and speed-up continuous integration and continuous delivery processes.

Moving to the cloud is a transition, often resulting in hybrid multi- cloud environments, with some resources on-prem, and others distributed across multiple public and private clouds. Secrets Management is designed to work across these environments and configurations.

As DevSecOps use more services and tools to build solutions, they rely on keys and secrets to authenticate these tools and services to each other and to the cloud. Consequently, secrets sprawl becomes an ever-increasing risk. Secrets Management helps security and governance teams reduce risks by streamlining security processes across their operations

Secrets Management enables comprehensive secrets management including static secrets, dynamic secrets, rotation, SSH keys management, auditing and analytics and is scalable as a service deployment.

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