Protection Gateway

A Data Protection Gateway (DPG) is a specialized component or device designed to enhance data security and privacy by protecting the data at the earliest possible point, allowing the data to travel securely through the solution to its destination. DPGs are often used to secure data as it moves between the organization's on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based storage or services. Every single prying eye sees only the encrypted data. Only authorized people or applications can access the clear text.

Data's Fortress at
the Gateway

Key aspects of Data Protection Gateway in data protection:

For new and evolving applications, the DevOps team faces challenges to protect data for web services-based applications without having access to the application and database or data store. DPG offers transparent data protection to any RESTful web service or microservice leveraging REST APIs.

DPG is deployed inline between the client and web service and transparently protects sensitive data inline without modifying legacy or cloud native applications.

Deployed as a container and is fully compatible with Kubernetes orchestration systems such as Helm, Ansible and Terraform, and, of course, Kubernetes horizontal scaling.

Data security admin can define protection policies selecting from a list of encryption algorithms across the AES, DES and FPE families.

Data Protection Gateway plays a crucial role in securing an organization's data as it moves between its internal network and external cloud services or data storage. It enforces data protection policies, encrypts sensitive data, and helps organizations maintain control over their data, even when it's stored or processed outside their immediate infrastructure.

Data's Fortress at
the Gateway

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