Multi-factor Authentication ensures no user is a target by allowing you to expand authentication to all users and apps with diverse authentication capabilities. And it gives you the power to control access to all apps with the right policy that enforces the right authentication method for the right user in the current circumstances.

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Multi-factor Authentication allows your organizationto thrive by providing secure access:

With its powerful authentication capabilities, you can expand authentication to more users by meeting specific authentication needs.
Flexible integration technologies ensure you can protect all apps and services, including: cloud services, web apps, non-standard apps, on-premises resources, and desktops.
Automated user provisioning and workflows, full SaaS delivery, and user-initiated authentication enrollment ensure speedy remote implementation for thousands of users.
Complement access security and IDPs already deployed with additional authentication capabilities and expand secure access to more users and user types.
Ensure broad user adoption, reduce helpdesk calls, and enhance security by deploying a range of passwordless options, including FIDO2 Devices, Windows Hello, and other passwordless methods.

Multi-factor authentication is a critical security measure that adds layers of protection to user accounts and systems by requiring multiple forms of verification. It is a flexible and effective strategy for safeguarding sensitive data and accounts in an increasingly connected and digital world.

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