Transform how you collaborate with your business partners, suppliers, and vendors. With our cloud- based CIAM solution, you allow the right people from the right organizations to access your resources while maintaining control of your own corporate data. B2B access involves managing identities of representatives from other businesses who need access to specific resources, applications, or information within an organization's digital ecosystem.

The Power of
B2B Access


CIAM capabilities that ensure successful B2B identity management:

Identities are associated with individuals who represent other businesses, such as employees, contractors, or partners. These individuals might need access to collaborate on projects, access shared resources, or perform certain tasks within an organization's systems.
Just like with individual customers, the representatives from other businesses need to be registered and onboarded into the organization's digital environment. This involves creating accounts, providing necessary information, and going through any required verification processes.
B2B access management involves defining roles and permissions for representatives from other businesses. Depending on their roles and responsibilities, they should have access only to the resources and data necessary for their tasks. Access control ensures that sensitive information remains protected.
CIAM solutions for B2B access incorporate authentication methods to ensure that individuals are who they claim to be. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) might be used to enhance security. Authorization mechanisms then determine what these authenticated users are allowed to do within the system.
B2B access needs to seamlessly integrate with the business processes of both the organization and the partner businesses. This might involve automating workflows, providing APIs for integration, and enabling smooth data exchange.
Just as in CIAM for individual customers, B2B CIAM can benefit from SSO and federated identity management. This enables users to access multiple systems and applications using a single set of credentials, streamlining the user experience and improving security.
Organizations can gain insights from the usage patterns and behavior of B2B users. This information can be useful for optimizing access control policies, improving collaboration, and enhancing the overall B2B relationship.
Data security and compliance are paramount in B2B access management. CIAM solutions ensure that the organization adheres to Data protection regulations and industry standards, especially when sharing sensitive data with external partners.
Just like with employee IAM, B2B CIAM involves managing the entire lifecycle of the partner business representatives' access. This includes provisioning, deprovisioning, and managing access changes as roles evolve.
B2B CIAM solutions may also offer customization options to tailor the user experience for partner businesses. This could include branding, tailored dashboards, and features aligned with the specific needs of the B2B relationship.

In summary, B2B access in CIAM extends identity and access management concepts to business-to-business relationships, ensuring secure, efficient, and compliant interactions between organizations and their external partners.

The Power of
B2B Access

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