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Application Data Protection offers developer-friendly software tools for encryption key management as well as application-level encryption of sensitive data. Protecting data at the application layer can provide the highest level of security, as it can take place immediately upon data creation or first processing and can remain encrypted regardless of its data life cycle state—during transfer, use, backup, or copy. The solution is flexible enough to encrypt any type of data passing through an application.

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key considerations and methods for application data protection:

Application Data Protection harmonizes interactions between developers and IT operations who share a common goal of data security. Developers enjoy language bindings appropriate to their projects. Operations can leverage choices among Crypto Service Providers that run on a wide range of operating systems.

Application Data Protection offers well- documented Crypto APIs with a wide range of language bindings, integrated with a range of industry-standard Crypto Service Providers that enable fast development of data protection for integration into mission-critical applications.

The supported language bindings and APIs includeinclude Java, C, and C# for .NET Core and .NET; XML Open Interface; RESTful APIs; KMIP client

Application Data Protection core cryptographic functions include, among many others including encrypt/decrypt, Sigh, Hash (SHA) and HMAC. The solution also offers support for versioned keys for encryption and decryption, signing and HMAC.

Application Data Protection has integrations for Microsoft SQL Server Always Encrypted, Microsoft Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), Hashi Vault, HortonWorks, Apache HTTP and NGINX Servers, Lieberman ERPM, and many others.

Effective application data protection requires a holistic approach that encompasses various security measures and practices. Regular security assessments and staying informed about emerging threats are also critical for maintaining a secure application environment.

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