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Modern applications are increasingly built using containers, which are microservices packaged with their configurations and dependencies. Kubernetes is open-source software for deploying and managing these containers. Containerized applications can be delivered, deployed, and managed faster with Kubernetes to provide improved efficiency through re-usable modular components, cost savings through optimized resource utilization, and reduced licensing expenses.

Encrypt K8s,
Stay Secure

The benefits that transparent encryption for Kubernetes provides:

This extension of Transparent Encryption addresses compliance requirements and regulatory mandates for protecting sensitive data such as— payment cards, healthcare records or other sensitive assets.
This solution offers encryption with data access controls, enabling privileged users, such as Docker or OpenShift cluster administrators, to operate as regular users, without gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.
Transparent Encryption for Kubernetes enforces data security policies wherever the container is stored or used—data centers, virtualized environments, and even in cloud implementations. Deploy and use containers where needed for cost-effectiveness, control, or performance without having to make any changes to applications, containers, or infrastructure sets.

Transparent Encryption for Kubernetes delivers in-container capabilities for encryption, access controls, and data access logging, which enables organizations to establish strong safeguards around data in Kubernetes environments. With this extension for Transparent Encryption, Data protection can be applied on a per-container basis, both to secure data inside of containers and in external storage accessible from containers, all centrally managed from the CipherTrust Manager.

Encrypt K8s,
Stay Secure

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