Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is a key management solution designed specifically for cloud environments. It helps organizations secure and manage cryptographic keys used for data encryption and protection in cloud-based applications and services.

The Key to
Cloud Resilience

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager's key features and capabilities:

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is built for cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments, making it suitable for securing data on various cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others.
It provides a centralized platform for managing encryption keys across multiple cloud services, ensuring consistent key management practices and policies.
The solution supports the complete lifecycle of cryptographic keys, including key generation, distribution, rotation, revocation, and secure disposal.
CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager typically allows organizations to manage keys across different cloud providers and regions, providing flexibility and scalability.
It offers secure key storage options, including Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and cloud-based key vaults, to protect keys from unauthorized access.
Users can define policies to automate key management tasks, such as key rotation, based on predefined criteria and business rules.
CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager integrates seamlessly with cloud-based services, databases, storage solutions, and applications, ensuring that encryption keys are readily available where they are needed.
Robust auditing and monitoring capabilities allow organizations to track key usage, changes, and potential security incidents in their cloud environments.
It helps organizations meet compliance requirements specific to their industry or region, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or industry-specific Data protection regulations.
The solution typically includes features for high availability and disaster recovery to ensure continuous key management operations even in the face of hardware failures or disasters.
CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager can scale to accommodate a growing number of keys and cloud resources as an organization's needs evolve.
It enforces role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized users and applications have access to key management functions.
The solution often provides APIs for programmatic integration, allowing developers to automate key management tasks and integrate key management into custom cloud applications.
In some configurations, CipherTrust CloudKey Manager can serve as a centralized encryption service for data at rest, in transit, and during processing in the cloud.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is a comprehensive key management solution designed to help organizations protect their sensitive data, maintain compliance, and manage cryptographic keys effectively in cloud and on-premises environments. It provides a secure foundation for encryption and access control, which are essential components of data security strategies.

The Key to
Cloud Resilience

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