CipherTrust Manager simplifies key lifecycle management tasks, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, and deletion, by enabling organizations to centrally manage encryption keys for the CipherTrust Data Security Platform and third-party products.

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The key capabilities of CipherTrust Manager:

CipherTrust Manager simplifies the management of encryption keys across their entire lifecycle, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, and deletion. It makes automated, policy-driven operations easy to perform and generates alarms for events of interest.
Allows an administrator to require multiple approvers for a sensitive operation.
Unify key management operations with role-based access controls. Authenticates and authorizes administrators and key users using existing AD and LDAP credentials. Prevents unauthorized password changes and alerts on simultaneous logins by the same user.
streamlines the provisioning of connector licenses through a new customer-facing licensing portal. The new management console offers better visibility and control of licenses in use.
Provides the ability to create and manage secrets and opaque objects for usage on the platform.
Supports separation of duties with delegated user management within multiple domains.
Offers new REST interfaces in addition to Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and NAEXML APIs that allow customers to remotely generate and manage keys.
Provides the option of clustering physical and/or virtual appliances together to assure high availability as well as increased encryption transaction throughput.
Includes tracking of all key state changes, administrator access, and policy changes in multiple log formats (RFC-5424, CEF, and LEEF) for easy integration with SIEM tools.

These key capabilities make CipherTrust Manager a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to establish robust key management practices to protect their sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Unlocking Trust
in Ciphers World

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